Pleven Guitar Festival 2018

Welcome to the zCorePro assessment system that was tailor-made for Pleven Guitar Festival 2018.
Used in 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions

Participant's profile Results

Via zCorePro you can make changes to your repertoire until the beginning of your category. Do it via "Participant’s profile".

Live notice boards

Follow the currently performing participants in the respective categories here. Just click "Live notice boards".


On this page, you will see the standings right after the end of the category. Be the first to find out!


Universal platform for organising and holding events of a competitive character

  • Above all – a platform

    zCorePro is a universal and flexible system that is suitable for any event

  • Multiplatform

    Computer, tablet, phone - zCorePro is accessible on every device

  • 100% secure

    Completely anonymous and safe way of assessing participants

One year later

zCore is a system developed by the team of "Art Close to Me" Association - Pleven. During the second edition of Pleven Guitar Festival, we tested the assessment of participants via zCore for the first time. The positive opinion of teachers and students encouraged us to continue with the improvement of zCore.

One year later, zCore became zCorePro and now, apart from assessment, the system has even more features: change of the participant’s profile, live notice boards, real-time results and the approximate hour of performance.

responsive devices


  • First A age group: up to 9 years
  • First B age group: up to 11 years
  • Second A age group: up to 13 years
  • Second B age group: up to 15 years
  • Third age group: up to 19 years
  • Fourth age group: no age limits
  • ДМШ Първа А възрастова група: до 9 години
  • ДМШ Първа Б възрастова група: до 11 години
  • ДМШ Втора възрастова група: до 13 години
  • Acoustic guitar: no age limits
  • Electric guitar: First age group: up to 19 years
  • Electric guitar: Second age group: no age limits
  • Guitar and voice: no age limits
  • Open stage: no age limits
  • Third age group: up to 19 years - Round 2
  • Fourth age group: no age limits - Round 2
  • Participant

    No competition is being held at the moment

    Expect the current participants here